Do you want to look like a celebrity this summer–with rock hard abs and a nice pair of legs? We’ve compiled the best workout routines to help you get there!

The process doesn’t happen overnight though. Building a strong and lean core and a well-toned pair of legs means you have to do very specific exercises, eat a diet low in calories, and hold off the cravings of having a late night pizza and finishing them all in one sitting!

Get an extra boost of confidence in time for summer! Start the exercise today!!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:15 Butt Kicks
00:36 Cross Jump Jack
01:00 Rest
01:18 Forward Jump
02:01 Rest
02:27 Fly Squat
03:04 Rest
03:22 Lunge Jumps
03:46 Rest
04:04 Reverse Lunges
04:42 Rest
05:00 Rise And Plie
05:53 Rest
06:11 Side Lunge Left
07:09 Rest
07:27 Side Lunge Right
08:24 Rest
08:42 Squat And Kick
09:25 Rest
09:51 U Boat Hold
10:58 Rest
11:16 Toe Touches
11:51 Rest
12:10 Toe Tap Leg Lifts
12:31 Rest
12:49 Side Crunches Right
13:28 Rest
13:46 Side Crunches Left
14:24 Rest
14:42 Plank
15:20 Rest
15:38 Bicycle Crunches
16:02 Rest
16:28 U Boat Hold
17:35 Rest
17:53 Toe Touches
18:28 Rest
18:46 Toe Tap Leg Lifts
19:08 Rest
19:26 Side Crunches Right
20:05 Rest
20:23 Side Crunches Left
21:01 Rest
21:19 Plank
21:57 Rest
22:15 Bicycle Crunches

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