If your goal is to lose weight or reduce belly fat, it is worth having a HIIT workout included in your exercise plan. This category of cardio training provides effective results to increase calorie burning due to its intensive full-body routines.

Prepare yourself to perform a vigorous set of exercises and take your physical fitness to the next level. Today’s workout can be done 3-4 times a week, just remember to be consistent and eat healthy to ensure the best results.

Good luck! ❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:08 Side Bends
00:56 Rest
01:13 Side Deep Squats
02:06 Rest
02:23 Side Lunge Windmill
02:58 Rest
03:15 Skater Jumps
03:41 Rest
04:03 Body Extensions
04:39 Rest
04:56 Knee Drive
05:18 Rest
05:40 Oblique Crunches
06:18 Rest
06:35 Ski Jacks
07:01 Rest
07:18 Oblique Twist Squat
08:16 Rest
08:33 Slow Mountain Climber
09:00 Rest
09:22 Bicycle Crunches
09:44 Rest
10:02 Side Deep Squats
10:55 Rest
11:12 Side Lunge Windmill
11:47 Rest
12:04 Skater Jumps
12:30 Rest
12:47 Body Extensions
13:22 Rest
13:39 Knee Drive
14:02 Rest
14:24 Oblique Crunches
15:02 Rest
15:19 Ski Jacks
15:45 Rest
16:02 Oblique Twist Squat
17:00 Rest
17:17 Slow Mountain Climber
17:44 Rest
18:06 Bicycle Crunches
18:28 Rest
18:45 Torso Twists

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