If you’re looking for a simple home routine you can do to get the famous “six pack” abs then this is the program you should be doing!

This workout contains simple exercises you can do in your free time to tone your abs muscles and get them well-defined.

Please follow this workout with the same speed as the trainer, and don’t rush ahead.

Also, remember you need to exercise 5-6 days per week for the next 6 weeks to get good results and take pictures with your abdominal lines 🙂

Do this workout and leave a comment below the video, tell me if you were able to finish the entire training! Good luck and let’s begin the workout! ❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:17 Cross Jump Jack
00:40 Rest
00:57 Forward Jump
01:40 Rest
01:57 High Knee Chops Right
02:24 Rest
02:41 High Knee Chops Left
03:08 Rest
03:30 Lateral Taps
03:54 Rest
04:11 Oblique Twist Squat
04:53 Rest
05:10 Skater Jumps
05:36 Rest
05:53 Slow Burpees
07:01 Rest
07:18 Ski Jumps
07:44 Rest
08:11 Slow Mountain Climber
08:38 Rest
08:55 Side Tap Crunch
09:38 Rest
09:55 U Boat Hold
10:54 Rest
11:11 V Up
11:46 Rest
12:03 Plank Slaps
12:27 Rest
12:54 Cross Jump Jack
13:17 Rest
13:35 Forward Jump
14:17 Rest
14:34 High Knee Chops Right
15:01 Rest
15:18 High Knee Chops Left
15:46 Rest
16:08 Lateral Taps
16:32 Rest
16:49 Oblique Twist Squat
17:31 Rest
17:48 Skater Jumps
18:14 Rest
18:31 Slow Burpees
19:39 Rest
19:56 Ski Jumps
20:22 Rest
20:49 Slow Mountain Climber
21:16 Rest
21:33 Side Tap Crunch
22:16 Rest
22:33 U Boat Hold
23:31 Rest
23:48 V Up
24:24 Rest
24:41 Plank Slaps

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