If you want to be able to lose arm fat in the quickest way possible with the easiest routines there are, then you need to know exactly what exercises to do.

With today’s video workout, I am challenging you to 30-days of fat-busting exercise that will target the fat in your arms to give you a more sculpted and toned arms. This workout will guide you through all the exercises you need to perform, and in the correct order, with proper rest times!

This training contains effective upper body exercises to make your arm muscles stronger and will burn calories in the process. It also contains full-body cardio exercises to make your body burn even more calories!
Do this at home, or anywhere, everyday until you start to see results! If you stay committed to your workout, it may take about 3-4 weeks for you to see your hard work pay off.

Good luck and keep working out everyday!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:11 Arm Circles
00:43 Rest
01:01 Arm Stretch Right
02:16 Rest
02:34 Arm Stretch Left
03:49 Rest
04:07 Arm Crossovers
04:44 Rest
05:10 Chest Fly
06:03 Rest
06:21 Downward Punches
07:15 Rest
07:33 Leg Kicks
08:03 Rest
08:21 Arm Reach Lunge
09:09 Rest
09:27 Punches
09:59 Rest
10:17 Push Jumps
10:47 Rest
11:05 Prayer Pushes
11:53 Rest
12:11 Windmill
12:55 Rest
13:21 Chest Fly
14:15 Rest
14:33 Downward Punches
15:27 Rest
15:45 Leg Kicks
16:15 Rest
16:33 Arm Reach Lunge
17:21 Rest
17:39 Punches
18:11 Rest
18:29 Push Jumps
18:58 Rest
19:16 Prayer Pushes
20:04 Rest
20:22 Windmill
21:07 Rest
21:33 Arm Circles
22:05 Rest
22:23 Arm Stretch Right
23:38 Rest
23:56 Arm Stretch Left
25:10 Rest
25:28 Arm Crossovers
26:05 Rest
26:23 Prayer Pushes

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