Raise the Vibration of Your Home – 417Hz + Energy Cleanse Positive Affirmations | Law of Attraction

Raise the vibration of your home positive affirmations and frequency music (417 Hz Miracle Tone & Energy Cleanse)
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This “raise the vibration of your home” affirmation track has been created by request. These positive affirmations are designed to fill the space of your home and everyone who enters there with positive vibrations. It has been combined with a 417hz track, also known as the “miracle tone”, to cleanse all negative energy and mental blockages, and promote easy positive life changes. These affirmations for positive thinking are perfect to use during the holiday seasons to cleanse your energy and raise your vibration, raise your family’s vibration, and raise the vibrational frequency of your home!

There are 50 affirmations total, and the full 1-hour version has 350 affirmation impressions that can be played throughout your home while sleeping or moving throughout your daily activities for energy cleansing, a positive mindset, and an overall positive state of well-being.

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Here are a few of the affirmations in this Raise the Vibration of Your Home Video:
Positive vibrations flow throughout my home
The life-force energy of love, good health, peace, happiness and abundance flow throughout this residence
My home is filled with happiness and prosperity
These positive vibrations move through the cells and the bodies and everyone who enters my home
The energy in my home space is that of love, joy, peace and abundance
The frequency that creates miracles circulates through each room in my house
There is an amazing, elevated vibration within the space that I reside
My personal space is a vibrational match to all that is good
Myself and everyone who enters my home is open to receiving daily miracles of good health and prosperity
My house embodies the vibrational energy of peace and love
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