Here is another highly requested workout you can do at home that will help you lose weight much easier — no jumping, no squats, no lunges!

This is a fun albeit intensive workout that you can do at home to burn fat and lose weight!

The doable routines included in this workout will help you achieve the best results as you regularly do the workout.

Good luck and let’s get moving!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:10 Body Rotations
00:50 Rest
01:07 Donkey Kicks Left
01:59 Rest
02:16 Donkey Kicks Right
03:09 Rest
03:26 Kick Back Left
04:12 Rest
04:29 Kick Back Right
05:17 Rest
05:39 Pike Push Ups
06:28 Rest
06:45 Plank Press Back
07:36 Rest
07:53 Hip Dips
08:27 Rest
08:49 Donkey Kicks Left
09:42 Rest
09:59 Donkey Kicks Right
10:52 Rest
11:09 Kick Back Left
11:55 Rest
12:12 Kick Back Right
13:00 Rest
13:22 Pike Push Ups
14:11 Rest
14:28 Plank Press Back
15:19 Rest
15:36 Hip Dips
16:10 Rest
16:32 Woodchoppers Right
17:19 Rest
17:36 Woodchoppers Left
18:22 Rest
18:39 Knee Tuck Crunch
19:26 Rest
19:43 Russian Twist
20:11 Rest
20:28 Side Plank Pulse Right
21:09 Rest
21:26 Side Tap Crunch
22:20 Baby Pose

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