Having a shapely body usually starts with working the core and the lower belly. The excess fat in the belly, legs, and thighs when burned contribute greatly to a super fit and shapely body!

Today’s workout video will help you burn unwanted fat in your belly, legs, and thighs to give you the best weight loss and shaping results in just a few short weeks.

Good luck – let’s do this!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:12 Hip Swirls
00:44 Rest
01:01 Rise And Plie
01:56 Rest
02:13 Side Lunge Left
03:14 Rest
03:31 Side Lunge Right
04:32 Rest
04:49 Kick Back Left
05:30 Rest
05:47 Kick Back Right
06:28 Rest
06:45 Skater Jumps
07:14 Rest
07:36 Rise And Plie
08:31 Rest
08:48 Side Lunge Left
09:49 Rest
10:06 Side Lunge Right
11:07 Rest
11:24 Kick Back Left
12:05 Rest
12:22 Kick Back Right
13:13 Rest
13:30 Skater Jumps
13:59 Rest
14:21 V Up
15:06 Rest
15:23 Scissor Kicks
15:46 Rest
16:03 Reverse Crunch Extension
16:55 Rest
17:17 V Up
17:57 Rest
18:14 Scissor Kicks
18:37 Rest
18:54 Reverse Crunch Extension
19:47 Rest
20:09 Baby Pose

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