Today’s workout is a 20-min exercise with cardio ab routines that will help you lose lower belly fat for good!

Today, I’m going to help you achieve your wish to have a slimmer waistline with this lower belly workout! These exercises are focused in working out your core to make you lose that dreaded belly pooch and make your core muscles much stronger!

This workout session will help you to get the body you’ve always wanted! Let’s get moving!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:10 Floor Taps
00:45 Rest
01:02 Knee Raises
01:29 Rest
01:46 Leg Kicks
02:16 Rest
02:33 Oblique Crunches
03:08 Rest
03:35 Leg Pulls
04:11 Rest
04:33 Burpee Side Taps
05:26 Rest
05:43 Forward Jump
06:26 Rest
06:48 Slow Mountain Climber
07:15 Rest
07:37 Walk Downs
09:23 Rest
09:45 V Up
10:21 Rest
10:43 Body Extensions
11:10 Rest
11:27 Knee Hit Left
11:57 Rest
12:14 Knee Hit Right
12:43 Rest
13:06 U Boat Crunch
13:34 Rest
13:51 Toe Touches
14:23 Rest
14:45 Arm Reach Lunge
15:23 Rest
15:45 Bicycle Crunches
16:10 Rest
16:27 Hand To Knee
17:27 Rest
17:44 Knee Tuck Crunch
18:19 Rest
18:36 Leg Hugs
19:38 Rest
19:55 Leg Drops

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