With today’s workout, I can help you tone your body, build lea muscles, and burn body fat!!

These exercises are the best routines that will help you achieve full body results. Prepare to see amazing changes in your body – and in your health!

Good luck and let’s begin the workout!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:17 Torso Rotation
01:48 Rest
02:10 Windmill
03:03 Rest
03:25 High Knee Jacks
03:59 Rest
04:26 Lunges
05:39 Rest
06:11 Reverse Lunges
07:01 Rest
07:33 Rise And Plie
08:44 Rest
09:16 Squat In Out
10:00 Rest
10:32 Arm Reach Lunge
11:31 Rest
12:03 Donkey Kicks Left
13:00 Rest
13:22 Donkey Kicks Right
14:19 Rest
14:51 Single Leg Bridge Left
15:32 Single Leg Bridge Right
16:13 Rest
16:45 Toe Touches
17:31 Rest
18:03 Plank Reaches
18:47 Rest
19:19 Plank Slaps
19:53 Rest
20:25 Side Push Ups Left
21:19 Rest
21:51 Side Push Ups Right
22:44 Rest
23:17 Cat And Cow
25:41 Side Bend Stretch Left
27:12 Side Bend Stretch Right

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