If you want to burn fat in the quickest amount of time, I recommend you to try today’s workout video!

This is a full-body, no-gym workout that will enable you to burn as much excess body fat as you can to see results in 7 days! This workout will burn fat all over your body, even the deepest fat underlying beneath your muscles. And while you’re burning fat, you’re also strengthening your muscles and shaping and toning your body with the exercises include in this video.

It is advisable to do this workout everyday for one week but you can also make improvements to the workout such as splitting the workout session into half–morning and afternoon–if this helps!

Good luck and let’s get started!♥️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:12 High Knee Chops Left
00:45 Rest
01:02 High Knee Chops Right
01:35 Rest
01:52 Forward Jump
02:46 Rest
03:03 Knee Raises
03:30 Rest
03:47 Lateral Taps
04:15 Rest
04:32 Leg Kicks
05:02 Rest
05:19 Leg Pulls
06:03 Rest
06:20 Leg Hugs
07:40 Rest
07:57 Oblique Crunches
08:32 Rest
08:49 Oblique Twist Squat
09:42 Rest
09:59 Plank
10:40 Rest
10:57 Plank Press Back
11:51 Rest
12:13 High Knee Chops Left
12:45 Rest
13:02 High Knee Chops Right
13:35 Rest
13:52 Forward Jump
14:47 Rest
15:04 Knee Raises
15:30 Rest
15:47 Lateral Taps
16:15 Rest
16:32 Leg Kicks
17:02 Rest
17:19 Leg Pulls
18:03 Rest
18:20 Leg Hugs
19:40 Rest
19:57 Oblique Crunches
20:32 Rest
20:49 Oblique Twist Squat
21:42 Rest
21:59 Plank
22:41 Rest
22:58 Plank Press Back

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