In today’s workout video, I am going to show you some pretty good routines that can help you burn arm fat so you can show off well-toned arm muscles.

This workout is also good in burning overall body fat because some exercises involve working the rest of your body. A few routines are cardio exercises and that is a guaranteed effective way to lose weight!

This workout is intended to be done on a daily basis so you should stick to doing this everyday to achieve the desired results in one month. Of course, the results will differ with each person but the important thing is to do this without fail!

Good luck and let’s get started!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:12 Arm Crossovers
00:42 Arm Circles
01:09 Rest
01:27 Body Extensions
01:54 Rest
02:12 Chest Fly
03:05 Rest
03:23 Burpee Side Taps
04:26 Rest
04:44 Downward Punches
05:37 Rest
05:55 Overhead Reach
06:20 Rest
06:38 Push Jumps
07:08 Rest
07:26 Side Lunge Windmill
07:53 Rest
08:11 Punches
08:43 Rest
09:01 Ski Jacks
09:27 Rest
09:45 Triangle Fly
10:41 Rest
11:07 Arm Crossovers
11:38 Rest
11:56 Arm Circles
12:22 Rest
12:40 Body Extensions
13:07 Rest
13:25 Chest Fly
14:18 Rest
14:36 Burpee Side Taps
15:38 Rest
15:56 Downward Punches
16:50 Rest
17:08 Overhead Reach
17:33 Rest
17:51 Push Jumps
18:21 Rest
18:39 Side Lunge Windmill
19:06 Rest
19:24 Punches

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