If you want to amp up your workout routine to see results, this is the perfect workout for you!

This is a 30-min intensive cardio workout routine that will require you to really work your muscles together to burn overall body fat. This workout is quite a challenging one and doing this for 15 mins is equivalent to an hour in the gym!So you can say that this workout is an all-around, beneficial and effective workout and toning routine!

Do this on a daily basis to see amazing results quickly! In 3-4 weeks of regular exercise and healthy diet, I guarantee you’ll see the changes in your body!

Good luck and let’s begin the workout!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:13 Body Extensions
00:42 Rest
01:00 Lunges
01:54 Rest
02:12 Lunge Jumps
02:38 Rest
02:56 Oblique Crunches
03:28 Rest
03:46 Burpee Side Taps
05:05 Rest
05:23 Curtsy Lunge
06:05 Rest
06:23 Cross Jump Jack
06:50 Rest
07:08 Oblique Twist Squat
07:56 Rest
08:22 Knee Push Ups
09:15 Rest
09:33 Plank Press Back
10:21 Rest
10:47 Leg Hugs
12:07 Rest
12:25 Plank Slaps
12:51 Rest
13:09 Slow Mountain Climber
13:42 Rest
14:00 Russian Twist
14:26 Rest
14:52 Body Extensions
15:30 Rest
15:48 Lunges
16:41 Rest
16:59 Lunge Jumps
17:26 Rest
17:44 Oblique Crunches
18:16 Rest
18:34 Burpee Side Taps
19:53 Rest
20:11 Curtsy Lunge
20:52 Rest
21:10 Cross Jump Jack
21:38 Rest
21:56 Oblique Twist Squat
22:43 Rest
23:09 Knee Push Ups
24:03 Rest
24:21 Plank Press Back
25:08 Rest
25:34 Leg Hugs
26:54 Rest
27:12 Plank Slaps
27:38 Rest
27:56 Slow Mountain Climber
28:29 Rest
28:47 Russian Twist

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