Here is another workout option for you to try. A workout challenge that will burn fats on your hips and saddle bag. This workout will help shape and tone them to achieve a shapely lower body.

In two weeks some of you may not achieve the results that you’re expecting. That actually depends on the body you’re starting with. Results differ depending on things like your current weight, height, age, gender, metabolism, and how hard you train. Which means that you also need to consider where you’re starting with and give yourself some ample consideration to avoid frustration.

With this exercise you need to eat a healthy diet and avoid a sedentary lifestyle to really guarantee success. Good luck and keep exercising. Let’s go!!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:12 Side Lunge Windmill
00:39 Rest
01:01 Side Deep Squats
01:41 Rest
02:03 Reverse Lunges
02:37 Rest
02:59 Lunge Jumps
03:21 Rest
03:43 Oblique Crunches
04:12 Rest
04:34 Lateral Arm Circles
04:58 Rest
05:20 Fly Squat
05:53 Rest
06:19 Fire Hydrant Right
06:57 Rest
07:19 Fire Hydrant Left
07:57 Rest
08:19 Single Leg Bridge Right
09:06 Rest
09:28 Single Leg Bridge Left
10:15 Rest
10:37 Squat
11:34 Rest
11:57 Thigh Lifts Left
12:30 Rest
12:52 Thigh Lifts Right
13:25 Rest
13:51 Bird Dog
14:57 Rest
15:19 Bicycle Crunches
15:43 Rest
16:05 Side Crunches Left
16:44 Rest
17:06 Side Crunches Right
17:44 Rest
18:06 Side Plank Pulse Left
18:40 Rest
19:02 Side Plank Pulse Right

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