Today’s workout video is everyone’s favorite topic — burn belly fat and lose love handles!

With today’s workout you’ll be doing exercises that not only target your stomach fat, but also routines that get your stomach and your other body parts moving.

This workout half hour workout but feel free to do it on a daily basis if you feel you can. Good luck and let’s begin!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:25 High Knee Chops Left
01:16 Rest
01:39 Oblique Crunches
02:29 Rest
02:51 Side Leg Raise Left
03:41 Rest
04:03 Oblique Twist Squat
04:51 Rest
05:13 Standing Side Crunch Left
06:05 Rest
06:27 Diagonal Abs Left
07:19 Rest
07:41 Waist Pinchers Left
08:32 Rest
09:14 High Knee Chops Right
10:06 Rest
10:28 Oblique Crunches
11:18 Rest
11:40 Side Leg Raise Right
12:31 Rest
12:53 Oblique Twist Squat
13:40 Rest
14:02 Standing Side Crunch Right
14:55 Rest
15:17 Diagonal Abs Right
16:08 Rest
16:30 Waist Pinchers Right
17:22 Rest
18:04 High Knee Chops Left
18:35 High Knee Chops Right
19:07 Rest
19:29 Oblique Crunches
20:20 Rest
20:42 Side Leg Raise Left
21:11 Side Leg Raise Right
21:40 Rest
22:02 Oblique Twist Squat
22:50 Rest
23:12 Standing Side Crunch Left
23:44 Standing Side Crunch Right
24:16 Rest
24:38 Diagonal Abs Left
25:08 Diagonal Abs Right
25:40 Rest
26:02 Waist Pinchers Left
26:33 Waist Pinchers Right

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