Today’s weight loss workout is an apartment-friendly, no jumping workout that is perfect to do when you don’t want your neighbors to hear you jumping and working out😊

Not only is it apartment-friendly, it’s safe and easy on your knees, too! Some people also have cardiac and respiratory issues so they need to do exercises that aren’t physically draining and heart-easy. This workout is it!

Do this workout as often as you can — 3-4x a week if possible. It’s an amazing exercise routine that will bring amazing results. Good luck and let’s do this!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:13 Arm Circles
00:36 Body Rotations
01:07 Lateral Steps
01:32 Windmill
02:05 Rest
02:37 Squat
03:35 Rest
04:07 Knee Hit Left
04:42 Rest
05:14 Knee Hit Right
05:48 Rest
06:20 Butt Kicks
06:49 Rest
07:21 Bird Dog
08:27 Rest
08:59 Knee Push Ups
09:41 Rest
10:13 T Plank
11:20 Rest
11:52 Deadlifts
13:23 Rest
13:55 Super Mans
14:45 Rest
15:17 Body Extensions
15:55 Rest
16:27 Leg Kicks
17:02 Rest
17:34 Prayer Pushes
18:31 Punches
19:08 Rest
19:40 High Knee Chops Left
20:12 Rest
20:44 High Knee Chops Right
21:15 Rest
21:47 Russian Twist
22:18 Rest
22:50 Reverse Crunches
23:31 Rest
24:03 Plank Reaches
24:46 Rest
25:48 Knee Stretch Right
26:39 Knee Stretch Left
27:29 Arm Stretch Left
28:20 Arm Stretch Right

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