In order to burn side fat and achieve a shapely body, you need to workout regularly with precise routines that are sure to target your problem areas.

These body-weight exercises are really helpful in burning side fat, core fat, and back fat as well as strengthening your core muscles. These cardio routines are all you need to achieve the best results in just a few short weeks!

So good luck and I hope that you do exercise with me on a regular basis as I help you achieve your body goals.

Good luck everyone — you guys are amazing!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:08 Windmill
01:01 Rest
01:19 Floor Taps
01:57 Rest
02:14 Oblique Twist Squat
03:12 Rest
03:34 Russian Twist
03:56 Rest
04:13 Side Crunches Left
04:56 Rest
05:13 Side Crunches Right
05:56 Rest
06:13 Side Plank Pulse Left
06:50 Rest
07:07 Side Plank Pulse Right
07:44 Rest
08:01 Standing Side Crunch Left
08:42 Rest
08:59 Standing Side Crunch Right
09:41 Rest
09:58 Swing Backs
10:39 Rest
10:56 T Push Ups
11:53 Rest
12:10 V Up
12:54 Rest
13:11 Windmill
14:05 Rest
14:22 Floor Taps
15:00 Rest
15:17 Oblique Twist Squat
16:15 Rest
16:37 Russian Twist
17:04 Rest
17:26 Side Crunches Left
18:08 Rest
18:30 Side Crunches Right
19:13 Rest
19:35 Side Plank Pulse Left
20:12 Rest
20:34 Side Plank Pulse Right
21:12 Rest
21:34 Standing Side Crunch Left
22:15 Rest
22:37 Standing Side Crunch Right
23:18 Rest
23:40 Swing Backs
24:21 Rest
24:43 T Push Ups
25:40 Rest
26:02 V Up
26:38 Rest
27:00 Bicycle Crunches
27:22 Rest
27:44 Cat And Cow

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