Today’s workout will burn your belly, legs, arms & glutes fat (and tone the muscles) in all the right places! And when I say right places I mean all the major areas where you’d want to look shapely!!

So if you want to achieve abs and an apple bottom that’s perfect not just for summer but for everyday of your life, do this workout today and do it as often as you can!

Good luck and let’s begin the workout!!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:21 Bird Dog
01:27 Rest
01:47 Donkey Kicks Right
02:30 Rest
02:50 Donkey Kicks Left
03:33 Rest
03:53 Fire Hydrant Right
04:36 Rest
04:56 Fire Hydrant Left
05:38 Rest
05:58 Leg Pulls
06:39 Rest
06:59 Single Leg Bridge Right
07:51 Rest
08:11 Single Leg Bridge Left
09:04 Rest
09:24 Slow Mountain Climber
09:54 Rest
10:14 Bridge
11:20 Rest
11:40 Baby Pose
12:47 Rest
13:13 Bird Dog
14:19 Rest
14:39 Donkey Kicks Right
15:22 Rest
15:42 Donkey Kicks Left
16:25 Rest
16:45 Fire Hydrant Right
17:28 Rest
17:48 Fire Hydrant Left
18:30 Rest
18:51 Leg Pulls
19:31 Rest
19:51 Single Leg Bridge Right
20:43 Rest
21:03 Single Leg Bridge Left
21:56 Rest
22:16 Slow Mountain Climber
22:46 Rest
23:06 Bridge
24:12 Rest
24:32 Baby Pose

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