Summer is calling and it wants to know if you’ve worked on your killer beach-body already. Your swimsuits and summer outfits may be wondering too!

If that question triggered your panic alarm, don’t fret! It’s not yet too late to start a workout plan that moves at a rapid speed towards your dream summer physique. But you have to get started, now!

Today’s workout video is the your secret weapon to get your body into shape! Commit to the workout, just 15 minutes of cardio workout everyday combined with discipline and commitment and paired with a healthy diet-and you’ll be beach-body ready by summer!

Ready to get started? Le’s begin the workout!!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:15 Overhead Reach
01:04 Rest
01:26 Curtsy Lunge
02:16 Rest
02:38 Diagonal Abs Left
03:09 Diagonal Abs Right
03:41 Rest
04:03 Lateral Taps
04:54 Rest
05:16 Arm Reach Lunge
06:09 Rest
06:31 Split Jumps
07:20 Rest
07:42 Lunges
08:29 Rest
08:51 Floor Taps
09:42 Rest
10:34 Fly Squat
11:26 Rest
11:48 Ventral Lunge
12:38 Rest
13:00 Standing Side Crunch Left
13:32 Standing Side Crunch Right
14:04 Rest
14:26 Sumo Squat Dip
15:17 Rest
15:39 Walk Downs
16:29 Rest
16:51 Swing Backs
17:40 Rest
18:02 Hip Dips
18:53 Rest
19:15 Tricep Dip Kicks

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