Today, our workout video will help you reduce belly fats with abs and mat pilates inspired workout compiled in this 20-min core workout video.

These exercises will really work your muscles and make you sweat thus helping with belly fat loss. If you really want to make this workout effective for you, you have to make sure to exercise everyday. This video is a daily workout video so it would be more effective if done everyday.

You should be able to see changes in 3-4 weeks depending of course on your current weight, age, gender, on how hard you train, and if you have any health conditions that will hinder weight loss.

Good luck and let’s begin!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:12 Bird Dog
01:10 Rest
01:34 Bridge
02:32 Rest
02:56 Hip Dips
03:22 Rest
03:46 Knee Push Ups
04:29 Rest
04:53 Heel Touch
05:15 Rest
05:39 Hand To Knee
06:39 Rest
07:03 Leg Pulls
07:39 Rest
08:03 Leg Hugs
09:05 Rest
09:29 Leg Drops
10:20 Rest
10:44 Pike Push Ups
11:20 Rest
11:44 Plank Press Back
12:26 Rest
12:50 Plank Slaps
13:14 Rest
13:38 Reverse Crunches
14:13 Rest
14:37 Reverse Crunch Extension
15:21 Rest
15:45 Side Crunches Left
16:19 Rest
16:43 Side Crunches Right
17:17 Rest
17:42 Side Plank Pulse Right
18:12 Rest
18:36 Side Plank Pulse Left
19:06 Rest
19:30 Single Leg Bridge Right
20:17 Rest
20:41 Single Leg Bridge Left

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