In order to tighten your belly, it is essential to burn body fat and strengthen abdominal muscles. The best standing abs exercises are in this video and will be done for 1-min each routine are responsible for increasing the calorie-burning process so make sure to stay focused and workout regularly.

Good luck and let’s begin the challenge to see results fast!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:10 Body Extensions
00:53 Rest
01:10 High Knee Chops Left
01:54 Rest
02:11 High Knee Chops Right
02:54 Rest
03:11 Knee Drive
03:47 Rest
04:04 Knee Raises
04:40 Rest
04:57 Overhead Reach
05:36 Rest
05:53 Oblique Crunches
06:40 Rest
06:58 Oblique Twist Squat
08:12 Rest
08:29 Standing Crunch
09:32 Rest
09:49 Standing Side Crunch Left
10:45 Rest
11:02 Standing Side Crunch Right
11:58 Rest
12:15 Sumo Squat Dip
12:58 Rest
13:20 Body Extensions
14:03 Rest
14:20 High Knee Chops Left
15:04 Rest
15:21 High Knee Chops Right
16:05 Rest
16:22 Knee Drive
16:57 Rest
17:14 Knee Raises
17:50 Rest
18:07 Overhead Reach
18:47 Rest
19:04 Oblique Crunches
19:51 Rest
20:08 Side Bend Stretch Left
21:55 Rest
22:13 Side Bend Stretch Right

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